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The Oxford Canal

The Oxford Canal was to leave Longford, where it joins with the Coventry Canal, and run down to Oxford joining there with the Thames.

The survey was carried out and the parliamentary plan (which was prepared by Brindley's assistant) was approved in 1769. The Oxford Canal Company was formed and they held their first meeting on 1st May 1769. At this meeting Brindley was appointed the position of Engineer and Surveyor for the Canal. Construction started in 1769 and the plan was for the canal to be eighty-two miles long, although when it was finished it was actually ninety-one miles long. It was opened in 1793 and this marked the completion of Brindley's 'Grand Cross'.

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  Oxford Canal (Northern Section): Hillmorton Bottom Locks Nos 2 and 3, Working boats near Hillmorton - June 1968. Oxford Canal (Southern Section): Priors Hardwick Bridge No 123, Boat and swan with cygnets - May 1999.  

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