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The Leeds and Liverpool Canal

The original survey for the Leeds and Liverpool Canal was not performed by Brindley and proved to be impracticable. Therefore in July 1768 Brindley carried out a survey of the canal and the act of Parliament was obtained in July 1769. Brindley was offered the post of engineer but he declined because he had so much other work.

Robert Whitworth and his brother started the construction of the 127 miles long canal but they didn't live to see its completion in 1816, (neither did Brindley who died in 1772).

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Leeds and Liverpool Canal: Skipton Junction Springs Branch from junction - July 1994.

Leeds and Liverpool Canal: Field Staircase Locks Nos 16 to 18 - June 2000.

Leeds & Liverpool - Rufford Branch: German's Lock No 5 Lorna-Ann in - April 1996.

Leeds and Liverpool Canal: Between Bank Newton Top Lock No 41 and Bank Newton Bottom Lock No 36 - May 2000.

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