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Marries Anne Henshall

On the 8th December 1765 James Brindley married Anne Henshall. In 1762 Brindley met John Henshall, a land surveyor of Newchapel near Tunstall, and later was introduced to his young daughter, Anne. Brindley and Anne were fond of each other and this led to Brindley proposing to Anne when she was nineteen years old. At this point in time Brindley was forty-nine years of age. Anne accepted the proposal and they got married in 1765.

The couple moved into Turnhurst Hall, Newchapel, as it was vacant and was in a good position for Brindley to reach his workshops at Burslem, the Goldenhill Colliery and for the projected work on the Grand Trunk Canal.

Anne proved to be very useful in helping Brindley with his work. She took over most of the writing that he had to do, which was very useful as Brindley was ill-lettered.

After Brindley's death, Anne remarried a man named Robert Williamson on 30th December 1775. Together they had seven children and Williamson died in 1799. Anne lived on until 1826 when she died at the age of seventy-nine.

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